67 Tips for Success at the 67th PGA Merchandise Show

1. Earn MSR credits by attending the PGA Show Education Conference, PGA Forum Stage presented by OMEGA presentations and PGA Show Demo Day, which also has its own schedule of education seminars on Jan. 21.

2. Earn accreditations from OEMs for coaching, clubfitting and other areas of expertise.

3. Visit the Golf Facility Innovation Center to see the latest technologies, trends, innovations and solutions that can help position your facility for the future.

4. Develop an off-season to-do list of ways to upgrade your business, based on what you learn during PGA Show Week.

5. Educate younger members of your staff in attendance at the PGA Show on the golf business.

6. Share experiences/photos with club members/customers to give them an “insiders” look at the PGA Show.

7. Visit PGAShowNews.com (this site) each morning before you head to the floor. The latest recaps, 5 Things to Know and more pertinent details about the 2020 PGA Show should be beneficial.

8. Share a video or record a podcast from the PGA Merchandise Show for your members/customers.

9. Consider new brands or products for your golf shop as result of what you see on the PGA Show floor.

10. Network with other PGA Professionals to advance your career.

11. Use the PGA Show as a chance to interview prospective new employees.

12. Make contacts with manufacturers that don’t have sales reps in your area.

13. Meet with a PGA Career Consultant in the PGA Member Business Center.

14. For frequent daily updates on the PGA Merchandise Show, log onto PGAmagazine.com and PGAShow.com.

15. Learn about new golf business technology on the PGA Show Floor through product demos.

16. Use the Notes app on your smartphone or table to create a to-do list. Write down five tasks to accomplish each morning before you head into the PGA Show. Other things will come up but try to check those five tasks off daily.

17. Find unique gift ideas for tournaments and outings from the Products & Services area.

18. Bring your open to buy plan and your budget projections to Orlando. The PGA Show often provides discounts, free shipping and offers you can only get that week. Take advantage of it.

19. Attend the PGA Fashion Show & Block Party on Jan. 23 for an energizing look at the latest lines from top designers and brands.

20. Check the presentation schedule for both the PGA Forum Stage presented by OMEGA and PGA Member Business Center. Not only will you get MSR credits for attending, but subject matters are extremely relevant for PGA Members.

21. Network with travel providers and destinations at the Travel Pavilion.

22. Before you head to the PGA Show, ask your staff members who are attending what they want to see/be in charge of for your trip. Match up seminars and special events with their interests – it’ll make them feel more part of the experience.

23. Assign staff members specific areas of the PGA Show floor to cover.

24. The Inventors Spotlight area is home to several incredible innovations. Check it out and see if there’s a fit for you.

25. The Golf Fitness, Wellness & Instruction stage is an growing part of the PGA Show floor. Check the schedule on your PGA Show app or outside the stage each morning. Make time to go see some presentations if you can.

26. Meet with representatives from PGA REACH to get involved in altruistic endeavors.

27. Learn about the latest in simulators and launch monitors with hands-on demos.

28. Inside the Golf Fitness, Wellness & Instruction area is the Adaptive Golf Center, which is worth a visit to see the latest products designed to provide cognitive and physical therapy through golf.

29. Look into all of the new fitness and recovery options for golfers.

30. Attend a Teaching & Coaching workshop at PGA Show Demo Day. Check the schedule on PGAShow.com or the PGA Show app to match with a workshop you’re interested in.

31. Remember, you can interact and network with approximately 40,000 industry professionals from around the world during PGA Show Week.

32. The 18th annual PGA Show Demo Day takes place on Jan. 21 at the Orange County National Golf Center & Lodge.

33. When thinking about next year, plan to arrive in Orlando a day earlier and leave a day later than normal. Arriving pre-Show, you can get the lay of the land before the masses arrive, while leaving post-Show allows you to see everything without feeling rushed.

34. The National Golf Course Owners Assoication’s (NGCOA) Golf Business Conference will be held on Jan. 20-22, marking the first time it will join PGA Show Week festivities

35. The Association of Golf Merchandisers’ (AGM) Retail Conference is slated for Jan. 21.

36. The Racquet & Paddle Sports Shows runs from Jan. 20-24 at the Orange County Convention Center.

37. Utilize the PGA Show app’s interactive maps and in-app networking tool to connect with fellow PGA Members on the go.

38. Get plenty of sleep!

39. DVR/record Golf Channel’s four days of coverage of the 67th PGA Merchandise Show and enjoy when you’re home the following week.

40. Allow for enough time to get from one appointment to another on the PGA Show floor, as it could take you as long as 15 minutes to get from the Equipment area to the Apparel area.

41. Make restaurant reservations in advance since places are always crowded during PGA Show Week – especially on International Drive.

42. Utilize PGA Show Week as a bonding experience for your staff – it can be a great opportunity to get to know each person a little away from work.

43. If you can, book your appointments based on PGA Show Floor location, which will allow you to be more efficient with your time during a busy week.

44. Host a dinner or breakfast meeting for other attendees as a way to network.

45. Take advantage of special events hosted by your PGA Section or certain companies on-site in Orlando. It’s a great way to see the city and build relationships with others in the industry.

46. Engage on social media during the week. Instagram stories and posts, Twitter updates and Facebook posts can be a great way to connect with others at the PGA Show, and back home.

47. Use the hashtag #PGAShow and tag @PGAShow on Twitter or @PGAGolfShows on Instagram posts and updates to reach a more direct audience.

48. Test coaching and training aids at PGA Show Demo Day.

49. Play golf if you have the time. Orlando is home to hundreds of golf courses, but be sure to book a tee time early since many attendees will also try to play during the week.\

50. Use PGA Show exhibits as inspiration for your golf shop’s visual merchandising.

51. Bring a refillable water bottle with you, and drink from it often. Refillable water stations are located outside of most bathrooms throughout the Orange County Convention Center.

52. Stick around for Friday. Many attendees leave early, but Friday offers the best chance to engage with vendors you’d like to know more about since the floor is less busy.

53. Bring a key member or customer to the PGA Merchandise Show as a guest.

54. Meet with sales reps at PGA Show Demo Day – you’ll find a lot of value and get questions answered.

55. Get to PGA Show Demo Day at gate opening (9 a.m.). Remember, PGA and LPGA Members get in early and before other attendees (9 a.m. instead of noon), which makes circling the Demo Day set-up easier.

56. Visit PGAShow.com to learn more about Orange County Convention Center concession discounts and hotel/travel savings.

57. Make your appointments with key vendors early on Wednesday, which will leave time to explore new parts of the PGA Show Floor on Thursday and Friday.

58. Take advantage of PGA Member education BOGO discounts for those from the same facility, on-site purchasing, plus 50 percent discounts for PGA Associates.

59. Take some swings at the Equipment Test Center sponsored by Insane Impact. It’s nice to break up the day talking with company reps and getting an idea of what their new product feels like.

60. Track your steps each day to show your members/customers how big the PGA Show floor is to walk.

61. The New Product Zone is often a place where great ideas are born. Take a stroll through the area and you might find something unique for your golf shop.

62. Wear your two most comfortable pairs of shoes. Comfort is key when walking the PGA Show floor.

63. For PGA Jr. League Captains, Regional League Managers and program support staff will be in room W207A for daily seminars and to answer questions in-person before the season starts.

64. Partner with exhibitors that offer healthy meal and snack options for your golfers.

65. Many companies unveil their new product lines at PGA Show Demo Day, which translates to a great opportunity for attendees to test and ask questions about new offerings.

66. Keep part of your PGA Show schedule open for discovering new products or vendors.

67. Don’t try to cram too much into each day. Stick to your plan, take a deep breath and be present in the appointments you’ve scheduled. That way, you’ll remember more and have a better experience.