Adam Headley: Increase Facility Revenue With Outings

Adam Headley, a 2016 Northern Texas PGA Section West Texas Chapter Merchandiser of the Year, is the PGA Head Professional at the Hillcrest Country Club in Lubbock, Texas.

After almost two decades at Hillcrest Country Club, it has become more important than ever to be a full-service facility, providing everything our corporate and charitable outings need to satisfy their events. In the past we had simply sold gift certificates that would be used for prizes, but very often other tee gifts and raffle prizes would be purchased online or at discount golf centers. Through a lot of hard work in my communication process and booking of outings, as well as dedication on the part of our vendors, we are able to match or beat external prices and are now providing the majority of the tee gifts and prizes for our outings. This notion of “one-stop shopping” has become a valuable selling point as I speak to corporate and charitable outing organizers each day. This exceptional service also aids in retention of events. With all that goes into planning an outing, organizers appreciate having a contact at the golf facility who can literally take care of everything, including food & beverage. I offer some larger discounts to the charities and non-profits to aid in their fundraising efforts, while ensuring that profits for our family are sufficient and are moving our revenue numbers forward, meeting goals and growing the business.

This full-service philosophy has treated us well as we have a steady stream of tournaments from spring to summer. With 15 events on our annual calendar, it allows for a tournament every other week, while keeping the course open for member play as often as possible as well. Merchandise profits from these events alone are up almost 60 percent, while shop sales are up 46 percent and profit is up 71 percent overall. Finally, we sometimes bring in a mobile golf shop, highlighting the merchandise of one company, with a sales representative on site and prices discounted to sell. It is a great way to display some of the merchandise we carry, and some we can custom order. This promotion goes a long way to boost sales, as does having that one person who can aid an outing with all its needs. After all, the players from one tournament can be the decision-makers at another one. Do things right every day and your business will continue to grow.