Adaptive Golf Center Highlights Ways to Help Golfers With Disabilities

With more than 57 million individuals living with disabilities in the U.S., the Adaptive Golf Center at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show is helping PGA Professionals discover specialized equipment and teaching techniques to instruct adaptive golfers. This year marks the second consecutive PGA Show that has included the Adaptive Golf Center as a destination for attendees.

The Adaptive Golf Center is located at the back of aisles 500-700, near the Equipment Test Center. During the PGA Show, Adaptive Golf Founder Gianna Rojas and other Adaptive Golf organizations, resources and manufacturers will be demonstrating equipment, aids and prosthetic devices. Products on display include clubs, shafts, gloves, grip aids, adaptive teeing devices, single-rider golf cars and more. Thursday’s Introduction to Adaptive Golf player development session was designed to help golf coaches learn more about how to reach this important demographic.

Rojas, a one-handed golfer who has become an international advocate and ambassador for Adaptive Golf, is an inspirational speaker for the National Alliance of Accessible Golf and is Director of Global Brand Awareness for the U.S. Adaptive Golf Alliance. Adaptive Golf helps those with cognitive, sensory, health- and/or age-related challenges enjoy the sport.

“When you think about it, golf is an individual activity, it is between you, the ball and the hole,” Rojas said. “The ball and the hole do not care if you roll it with your nose, or how many strokes it takes to get there. There are so many amazing aids, equipment and organizations to help people play to the best of their potential. This is an opportunity to show the golf industry all about adaptive golf therapy.”