AGM Caps Off Eventful Day With Product Reception

The Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) capped off its Retail Conference on Tuesday with the Product Preview and Reception, an annual event that gave members an opportunity to network with each other, as well as the AGM’s growing stable of vendor partners.

More than 90 soft goods companies provided a capsule of what they’ll be showing at the PGA Show this week, giving AGM members a sneak peek at fall 2023 collections and a chance to discover new and interesting brands.

“It’s a warmup to what’s we’re going to be seeing the next few days and a chance to find those diamonds in the rough you might not discover on the show floor,” said Stephen Cryan, PGA General Manager at Longleaf Golf & Family Club in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

“We’re a long-time partner of the AGM, and this is the busiest I’ve seen the Product Preview,” said Jon Boland, VP of Sales & Marketing for Donald Ross. “I’m definitely sensing people are happy to be back at the PGA Show.”

About half of the companies displaying were new to the organization this year, which Jennifer Morton, AGM Director of Marketing and Sales/Certified Retail Manager, attributed to three factors: vendors telling other vendors the importance of being part of the AGM when establishing your brand; the support of the PGA of America; and members actively recruiting vendors to join the association.

“In the first 30 minutes here, I saw 10 different clubs,” said Jimmy Dominkewicz, owner/CEO of FH Wadsworth, maker of custom bags and belts and a first-time exhibitor. “People are excited to be here and discover new products that can enhance their business, and I’m glad to be part of it.”