Brian Fennen: Host Customer Appreciation Days

Brian Fennen, 2017 Southern Ohio Section Player Development Award Winner, is the PGA Head Professional at Sharon Woods Golf Course in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Concluding all player development program our staff ask all participants if they are willing to be registered for our Sharon Woods appreciation email list. I send out monthly email blasts including upcoming golf and social events, free customer appreciation events, and merchandise promotions. Oftentimes these email blasts provide additional exposure to programs and events with low registration. Additionally, students receive 4 exclusive free clinics (April, June, July and August/September). I attempt to strategically host these free two-hour clinics between programing end dates and upcoming player development programs (masters weekend is a great kickoff opportunity in Ohio). During these clinics, students are welcome to ask questions, demo golf clubs, and talk about upcoming programs. This is an inclusive event. All students are welcome to invite friends and family to show their progress from the program they recently completed.

On average, each email blast yields an additional 4-6 registrations within the first 24-hours for an upcoming player development program or private lesson series($500-$700). The four free clinics attracted 94 participants 2014, 110 participants in 2015, 125 participants in 2016, and 145 participants 2017. Having access to this captive audience provides me great opportunities to reconnect with previous student’s friends, which oftentimes leads to future students. Many PGA Professionals are cautious about giving out free instruction. However, I have found the biggest return on my investment program is this Customer Appreciation Day.