Callaway Unveils New Shaft, Putter Fitting Systems in Special Presentation

Senior Vice President of Callway Golf, Sean Toulon, Manager of Custom Fitting and Custom Fitting Training for Callaway Golf, Corey Newman, PGA Teaching Professional, Sean McLeod, PGA Professional, Mike Shannon and Manager of Custom Fitting and Strategic Partnerships for Callaway Golf, Anthony Newville speak on the “Callaway Fitting Program” panel on the PGA Forum Stage presented by OMEGA.

Callaway Golf introduced its technologically advanced clubfitting technologies in a special presentation on the PGA Forum Stage presented by OMEGA Thursday, unveiling a new Callaway Fits Shaft Analyzer for drivers, fairways and hybrids, and a new Odyssey Putter Fitting Tool to streamline the fitting process for putters.

Citing a need to provide a more accurate and expedient fitting system, Callaway Golf Director of Training Joel Rump called the two new Callaway fitting technologies “real game-changers in clubfitting.”

“Now, instead of a comprehensive clubfitting session taking an hour, with another hour for the putter fitting, the Callaway Fits Shaft Analyzer can provide a perfectly fitted shaft in 20 minutes or less, and the putter fitting now takes no more than 15 minutes,” said Anthony Newville, Manager of Custom Fitting and Strategic Partnerships for Callaway Golf. “The versatility and accuracy of these fitting systems is the best in the fitting business and will simplify the process of matching proper shafts and proper putters to each player.”

“I can’t tell you how many customers and PGA Professionals have come to me and asked for some sort of fitting protocol for putters,” said Sean Toulon, Senior Vice President of Callaway Golf and General Manager of Odyssey Golf. “The Odyssey Putter Fitting Tool is the easiest thing to operate. You just link up your iPhone or tablet, make five putts, and it analyzes your stroke with that particular putter and gives you a score. Then, it makes suggestions on how you can improve that score, and then it recommends five putters in our Odyssey line that fit your stroke. You can then try different putters, let’s say with a high toe, and see how that impacts your score.”

Callaway Golf called on a couple of PGA Professionals who have utilized the new fitting tools to provide their evaluations.

“I tried the Fit Shaft Analyzer on several of my members, and then to validate the information it was providing, I went through the same fitting process myself,” said Sean McCloud, PGA Teaching Professional and clubfitter at Medinah Country Club in Illinois. “I hit six balls with a driver and, sure enough, it recommended the exact shaft I was already hitting in my personal driver.”

Added Mike Shannon, PGA Professional at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: “It’s a fascinating tool that has reduced the time for a putter fitting immeasurably.”