Casey Brozek: Let Trunk Shows Teach You About Your Customers

Casey Brozek, an Illinois PGA Section Past President and a Section Horton Smith Award winner, is the PGA Director of Golf at Quail West Golf Club in Naples, Florida.

At my last facility, each spring since 2000, we launched the women’s golf season by hosting our annual trunk show before their opening dinner. It was a great way to gather information about the brands and products our women liked. To encourage participation, women were offered greater discounts if they show up early. While most of the sales representatives were from companies that we typically had in the golf shop, we always invited a couple that we were considering for representation. The trunk show, usually attended by between 45-60 women, was a wonderful way to test out fringe companies to see if our members liked their fit and styling. We could also afford to bring in higher-end companies due to our trunk show discounting. The annual trunk show was always a season highlight as a majority of our league members attend and have even had success in getting the newly introduced golfers and tennis players to visit too. The women loved the discounts, but also appreciated the variety of options and the social aspect. Cocktails were also available and fitting rooms are close by, while staff members were available in the locker rooms for assistance and to take notes on styling preferences and sizing.

The annual trunk show brought in $10,000-15,000 in just over two hours. It really helped us make wise decisions regarding our summer-holiday buys and is a great gauge for how deep we needed to buy. It was a great annual reminder to be open to making adjustments in our orders, as the success or lack of success for a certain product line may have alter our buying plan and inventory requirements for the rest of the year. Because of the success of the women’s trunk show, we considered combining a trunk show for both men and women with one of our very popular seafood or prime rib nights, which would be a way to cross-market upcoming events while also bringing in more couples, which we knew would spur buying.