Dave Bahr: Conduct a Pick-3 Contest During Each Major

Dave Bahr is the PGA Head Professional at Maketewah Country Club in Cincinnati, Ohio.

When I arrived at Maketewah 11 years ago, we started hosting a pick-3 contest for each major championship. We name each contest according to the specific major, for example, each April we have the Masters Pick- 3 Contest, and we email invitations to our members. It’s great fun. We post a list of about 15 “A” players from favorites to win the tournament. We invite our members to pick one player from the “A” list, and two players from the “B” list, representing the rest of the field. Whoever has the lowest score relative to par is the winner. We usually pay three or four spots, with payment in the form of golf shop credit. Most members watch the tournaments at home, but some watch at the club. Everyone watches intently, because everybody wants to win the contest. More than 30 percent of contest participants are women.

We charge a $20 entry fee to play. Each contest provides us with $3,000 in shop credit per event. For all four majors, it’s a total of $12,000. It’s a consistent money maker for us. We have a nice array of merchandise in our shop, including women’s selections, so contest winners enjoy their shopping sprees.