Heard in the Aisles – Pre-PGA Show Edition

• “Each year, it seems like Demo Day adds more events, adds more participating companies, and adds more opportunities for PGA Professionals to scope out new products and pick up some MSR credits by attending instructional clinics.” —George Simonds, PGA Head Professional, Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Country Club

• “My advice for a first-time PGA Merchandise Show attendee would be to break the Show up into smaller sections on a day-by-day basis. Explore apparel one day, equipment another day and the rest of the Show on the third day.  If you try to see everything in one day, or bounce from one section to another, you won’t be able to manage your time at the PGA Show effectively.” —Steven Rudd, PGA GM and Head Professional, City Club Marietta, Georgia.

• “Demo Day has become a must-attend business part of the Show for us. We have continually discovered unique products to bring to our course thanks to Demo Day. —Brent Lingel, PGA General Manager-Director of Golf, Rolling Hills Golf Course, Tucson, Arizona

• “I use the PGA Show to catch up on what’s happening in our PGA Section and nationally by attending whatever networking events are held each evening, and we use the PGA Show to organize our plan for the next year with our staff members who attend. It’s a very busy week.” — Angela Aulenti, PGA Director of Golf, Sterling Farms Golf Course, Stamford, Connecticut

• “With so many things to do and so many booths to visit on the PGA Show floor, the Show app on your phone is a great way to keep track of your schedule – and to find some of the new areas on the Show floor you might not be familiar with.” —Brian Smock, PGA Head Professional, Coronado (California) Golf Course

• “As a PGA Professional, Demo Day is fantastic. I love the energy and the opportunities to interact with national company representatives is priceless.” —Kenny Thayer, PGA Director of Golf, Beaver Creek Golf Club-Vail Resorts, Avon, Colorado

• “We always budget time at the PGA Merchandise Show to attend education seminars that will help us develop new strategies and provide new ideas in all phases of golf operations. The Education Conference is always one of our top priorities, and my staff and I always benefit.” —Barry Hinckley, PGA Head Professional, Jefferson Country Club, Blacklick, Ohio

• “Without proper time management, you can miss many of the wonderful opportunities that the PGA Show provides.” —Spencer Brookman, PGA Director of Golf at Jekyll Island (Georgia) Golf Club