NEW: Heard in the Aisles – PGA Show Day 2 Edition

• “We’re trying to find the products our customer doesn’t need, but wants. The vast majority of 20- to 25-year players have already seen everything. So I try not to be single focused but find the one or two products that are going to make a big difference for us.” — Tommy Darland, Head Golf Professional, Andrews County Golf Course, Andrews, Texas

• “The biggest thing is to be careful what you’re bringing in in whatever the color of the year is because every brand has it. You have to make sure the mix is right and that you have enough differentiation.” — Bob Doria, PGA Director of Golf, Medford Village Country Club, Medford, New Jersey

• “Our styles Patriot and Liberty are our biggest story. Patriotic is big right now, with the Olympics, Ryder Cup and election all coming up this year. It’s great for shops to be able to bring it in right around 4th of July.” — Ron McPherson, President and CEO, Antigua Sportswear

• “I’m always looking for something to excite my women members. They’re the ones who get excited about product. I found a company called Sea Bags out of Portland, Maine, which is only about an hour from us. They source all handbags from recycled sails, and that’s a story I can tell.” — Jim Schouller, PGA Head Professional, Abenaqui Country Club, Rye Beach, New Hampshire

• “I think it’s great to see all the enthusiasm on the show floor. I think people are excited about what they’re seeing – the new fabrics, colors and prints, which sell really well in our shop. We’re looking for categories that lead to incremental sales, lifestyle pieces that people can to college or wear at a baseball game.” — Sara Muldoon, PGA Director of Golf, Hershey (Pennsylvania) Country Club

• “What I’m seeing is performance-driven fabrics with a beautiful hand and more tech in garments, like side vents or zippers. Colors for fall are beautiful, like deep burgundys or forest greens.” — Kristin Deam, AGM, Merchandise Manager, Muirfield Village Golf Club, Dublin, Ohio

• “Golfers will always be known for wild and different looks. We’re preaching fun, being outdoors, so the bold and daring prints companies are doing are great. Khaki pants and white shirts are out.” — Kelly O’Donnell, PGA Director of Golf, Wolfdancer Golf Club, Lost Pines, Texas

• “We’re looking for products we can use to put together trunk shows and special events that will get our women members involved at the club. I really liked some of the new things we saw, like handbags from Hammitt and the new footwear from johnnie-O, and we’ll be bringing some of them into our shops this year.” – Ashley Conkling, Director of Merchandising, Dormie Network, Newburgh, Indiana

• “I like some of the really unique products you can only find at the PGA Show. One I saw this year was Woodn’t It Be Nice, which had a great line of ball markers and bag tags that can be personalized for the shop or tee gifts.” – Paul Kelley, PGA Head Professional, Woodhill Country Club, Wayzata, Minnesota