Jack Thomsen: Create a Course Within Your Range

Jack Thomsen is the PGA Owner and Operator of Transcendental Golf in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Transcendental Golf’s development began in 1975. Once a cornfield, the property has now become a 15- acre golf facility that embodies two variable lie angle courses that function to help golfers practice uneven (variable) lies. Practice tees are generally 100 percent flat, but uneven lies are 85 percent of a golf course’s movement. To help counter this, we created two courses with our range that golfers can play in under 55 minutes, which works well for a fast-paced world. A color-coded flag system enhances play; three holes have yellow flags, three red and three white. Participants of each team / group play a color choice for the day while having fun and practicing shots from uneven lies.

This program is offered at various times, three times per week. Golfers only need one wedge to play, with three golf balls each for the competition. The first two balls are judged by closest-to-the- hole and the third is played if a tie-breaker is needed. I charge each participant $10 or $30 for a three-session program, and we cap the program at nine participants (three-person teams) per session, drawing $270 per program. At the end of competition, we award the nine-hole champion with a brand new wedge of choice.