Karl Gross: Partner With a Local Restaurant

Karl Gross, the 2011 Georgia PGA Section Youth Player Development Award winner, is the PGA Head Professional at The Creek at Hard Labor in Social Circle, Georgia.

The past two years we partnered with the local business community. Our 9-hole league partnered with a local restaurant that specializes in chicken wings. The format of the event was simple: The teams would play their weekly 9-hole matches and then would enjoy wings and beer at our partnering restaurant. We meet at the restaurant following play to give out weekly prizes ensuring that players would support the restaurant. Beer specials were offered to all the players to further incentivize them.

The league benefits our course and the restaurant we partnered with. The 10-week league builds frequent customers and repeat business for the course and restaurant. We averaged 30 players per week which added up to $2,500 per month in additional revenue over the 10-week period. The 5:30 p.m. shotgun start is a boost at the end of the day when the course typically slows down. The restaurant was happy to have 30 players visit them on a weekly basis on Thursday nights. The growth of the league generated a new 60-player outing, bringing in another $1,500. We look forward to a larger league this season. There are opportunities to share revenues and create new guest experiences in your community. You just have to go out and find them!