Make Golf Your Thing Initiative Expands to Include Job Portal

Make Golf Your Thing, the industry-wide initiative to expand the reach of golf to new players and communities, is expanding to include a job portal for people seeking employment in the golf industry. The Make Golf Your Career job portal was unveiled during a presentation on the PGA Industry Stage Powered by CapTech on Thursday. The presentation was moderated by PGA Chief People Officer Sandy Cross, and included NBC Sports personality Lauren Thompson and Neera Shetty of the PGA Tour.

“We are positioning Make Golf Your Career is the ultimate destination for employers and job seekers in the golf industry,” Cross said. “The golf industry can be a daunting place for new golfers, and the same can be true for people trying to get into the business. We are removing the barriers that keep people out, and will help employers find them.”

Make Golf Your Thing is also launching MyJourney Golf, a website that will allow job seekers to see 100 different careers within golf – from PGA Professionals and golf club designers to media members and sales representatives. The site will also match job seekers with mentors from different career paths to help them find their way in the business.

Employers will also be able to make use of a new Workplace Inclusion Toolkit to improve diversity and inclusion at their facilities. You can learn more about all of these new elements at and