Mason Spalding: Create Packages as Gifts for Club Events

Mason Spalding, the 2015 Southwest PGA Section Merchandiser of the Year for Public Facilities and the 2015 Southern Nevada Chapter Merchandiser of the Year for Public Facilities, is PGA Head Professional at TPC Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The most successful tournament gift we recently arranged was a FootJoy shopping experience for 84 players participating in the three-day Tommy Thomas Pro-Am in February. As we have witnessed year after year, our guests enjoy and appreciate the ability to shop and pick their own gifts, as opposed to receiving pre-chosen items they may not utilize or appreciate. We worked closely with our local sales representative to create packages of shoes and apparel that guests could select from. Each participant received a voucher for $150 to spend on a package. We were careful to select and package items based on their availability to be drop-shipped to guests quickly, as well as keeping costs within a certain level to maintain our desired margins.

Overall, the packages were a great success. Our ability to offer this value-added experience to the participants was also appreciated by the outside tournament coordinator, who did not have the additional burden of choosing, ordering and managing gifts. And to our surprise, five guests decided to go above and beyond their spend allocation to upgrade their shoes, purchase an additional pair and pick up a couple of wedges. These additional purchases resulted in about $600 in sales on top of the overall spend.