Megan Padua: Create a Golf Fitness Program for Women

Megan Padua, a GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional and a Women's Golf Journal Top 50 LPGA Teacher, is a PGA and LPGA Teaching Professional at Bonita Bay Club in Bonita Springs, Florida.

At our club, a fitness facility next to the golf course is a valued amenity. To establish a golf fitness program for our women members, I teamed up with a fitness instructor, also a woman, who understands the golf motion. PGA Professionals can hire a local fitness expert if there isn’t one on staff at their club. We started the once-a-week four-week program in December 2016. It was so popular that we held it again in February, but we condensed it to twice a week for two weeks. Eight women, the trainer and I start with a one-hour golf clinic on the range, consisting of a warmup, stretches and then hitting balls. I give the golfers something to work on, film their swing and then help them individually. The second hour we meet in the indoor fitness facility, working on improving things we found during the first hour, such as posture or balance. If a club doesn’t have an indoor fitness facility, this portion of the program can be conducted on the golf course or in a gym. We strive to create an environment that shows members the importance of fitness to their golf games. We marketed the program through our club newsletter and through golf operations. Mostly, though, we got the word out on the big TV screen at the fitness facility, displaying the golf fitness program schedule. The program filled up very quickly, with a waiting list.

The first time we presented the program, we charged $200 for four hours. The second time, we charged $225 for both sessions. The fitness instructor and I split the proceeds. The program led to us seeing people we hadn’t seen before. The result was that they took more golf lessons and felt more welcome both on the golf course and in the fitness facility. They also bought new apparel at the club, for working out and playing golf. The program was so well received that we will add a similar one for men this year, probably with a male fitness instructor.