Melissa Williams: Create Themed Events

Melissa Williams is the PGA Head Professional at Tara Golf & Country Club in Bradenton, Florida.

We are a private facility with an 18-hole golf course. Currently, we have 765 family golf members and host roughly 42,000 rounds per year. Recently we have added themed events that combine golf and dining. For example, we hosted a “St. Andrews Scramble” which was followed by a British culinary dining experience. We also had a “Tailgate Scramble” during which participants were encouraged to wear a jersey or shirt of their favorite team. Afterwards, we offered traditional tailgate foods to add to the authentic experience. We also appeal to those with a tight schedule by offering a 9-hole option followed by a light dining offering. This allows us to add more participants to our events regardless of potential time constraints. These events create a relaxing and fun atmosphere for our participants.

Normally, we are able to fill the course with 128 golfers, with the vast majority of them staying for dinner afterwards. The 9-hole section is usually sold out with 72 golfers. Financially, we charge $23 per person plus their applicable golf car and / or guest fee. The $23 includes dinner, prizes and gratuity for the outdoor attendants. These events generate over $3,000 for us, on average. Additionally, we increase our on-course revenue and food & beverage revenue through participants who hang out at our facility after the event.