Michael Kernicki: Have a Wine Tasting for Members

Michael Kernicki, a two-time Michigan PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year, is the PGA General Manager at True North Golf Club in Harbor Springs, Michigan.

During the 2013 and 2014 seasons at my last facility, when I stepped in as General Manager at our private club for a time, I initiated a wine tasting during “Nine, Wine and Dine,” a nine-hole couples scramble. We publicized the event in advance through member emails and our club website. I brought in a wine vendor to select the red and white wines and organize the tasting. Wine samples were offered both on the golf course and on the patio. Every three holes, players could taste a different wine, then play three more holes, ending with the patio tasting. It was a success and we planned to bring it back as our members liked it. Since it was so popular, we expected it to return to our club’s activities calendar.

We did not charge extra for the wine tasting; it was offered as part of our nine-hole couples scramble. So, while there was no direct revenue from the wine tasting itself, the club did realize revenue by having couples stay for dinner who wouldn’t have otherwise. The added revenue for the club was 20-25 more covers on the patio, plus bottles of wine for the tables. Thus, a total of over $1,200 in new revenue was gained from one wine-tasting event. In addition, there was added revenue from several cases of wine purchased by members at discounted prices.