Nick Schremser: Host a Series of Themed Women’s Clinics

Nick Schremser is the PGA Head Professional at the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge in Monroe, New York.

To effectively grow the game of golf and the bottom line of our businesses, it is increasingly more important for PGA Professionals to maximize participation from all demographics. At the Golf Club at Mansion Ridge, we have always felt that attracting women golfers is vital to increasing rounds of golf and revenue at our club. One way of doing this that we have found successful is by hosting themed women’s clinics. For the past two years, we have held almost half a dozen themed women’s clinics, with some themes as basic as a specific aspect of the game, and others more fun and exciting like a Cinco de Mayo-themed clinic. On this night we celebrate Mexican culture with food and games. Contests are held at each clinic with golf shop gifts and credit awarded for prizes. These clinics go beyond the golf lesson of the day. They promote the game, the club and the camaraderie that exists on the golf course.

In the short time that we have run this program, many aspects of the club have benefited from the increase in women’s play. With 16 women at each of the five clinics, that is 80 women we may not otherwise have welcomed to Mansion Ridge. The $35 cost per participant is only the beginning of the financial benefits of these clinics. Upwards of 90 percent of the participants stay afterward for food & beverage to the benefit of our restaurant. Our golf shop enjoys sales of hats, gloves and balls. Additionally, wedge sales were robust on our bunker play-themed clinic, with half a dozen wedges being sold that night. About a quarter of the participants returned for additional lessons, which benefits our teaching staff to the rate of $85 per hour. Finally, our women’s league roster has almost doubled in the two years of the themed women’s clinics.