PGA Show Floor Quotes

  • “It’s much busier than last year, which I think is a reflection of how busy the game of golf is right now. As a private Michigan club, we’re seeing more action now than we ever have.” —Mark Maras, PGA Head Professional, Great Oaks Country Club, Rochester, Michigan
  • “I don’t think I’ve ever talked as much in my life as I have this week at the PGA Show. We had 10 meetings on the books when we came to last year’s PGA Show, and we started this year with more than 150. We’ve had non-stop traffic in our booth, and it’s been a lot of fun walking buyers through our expanded line.” —Brandon Wallach, Vice President of Marketing, TRUE Linkswear
  • “I was really impressed with AndersonOrd, particularly their men’s slacks and women’s lifestyle wear. The whole PGA Show has a real positive vibe to it. It’s a big step up from last year, a much more enthusiastic atmosphere.” —Aaron Palen, PGA Head Professional, Duck Woods Country Club, Southern Shores, North Carolina
  • “I’m working on our soft goods buys for the season, and every brand I want to see is here this year – like RLX, Peter Millar, KJUS and Straight Down. Next up is looking for unique gifts for tournaments and outings, and accessories for our golf shop. It feels like there’s real excitement here this year, some really good vibes on the PGA Show floor.” —Steve Watt, PGA Head Professional, Glen Oaks Country Club, West Des Moines, Iowa

  • “This is our third year as a company, but our first PGA Show. It’s been an awesome opportunity to learn about a lot of things in the golf industry, like getting involved in Golf Retirement Plus for our customers. Our customers are giving us great feedback and helping us evolve our product, and that’s the value of meeting people face to face.”—Dave Dickert, CEO and Co-Founder, Branded Bills
  • “The thing I feel most excited about is Out of Bounds Candles. We will be able to have our own Davenport Country Club scented candle. It’s been very nice to find different and smaller pieces as we transition from being a golf shop to a branded club shop – things that are more than just golf, which is so much the trend of where everything is going now.” —Brian Delaney, PGA Head Professional, Davenport Country Club,  Pleasant Valley, Iowa