Robbie Ames: Create a Personal Shopping Experience

Robbie Ames is the PGA General Manager at Sea Pines Country Club on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

At our last Member-Guest, we partnered with Titleist to create several different packages for the tee gift. The event involved 108 players – or 54 teams, and there was an à la carte option/menu for people to choose from a combination of items: wedges and some golf balls; full- or half-sleeve rain jacket with golf balls; rolling duffle with golf shirts; or choice of shoes (casual or golf) and the rolling duffle. This allowed the player to choose what they needed instead of having something given to them. In essence, it provided them a “personal shopping experience” that was catered to their needs and wants. They chose the gifts at the event, and any special orders or stamping of initials on the wedges were shipped directly to their homes after the event. To enhance the shopping experience, we had three tents that provided the different options. For example, one of the tents was dedicated to footwear, where the attendee could try on different shoes and see the color combinations. There was a sales representative present to ensure each player had the right fit in all products. In total, we had three company representatives on the practice facility, plus our golf shop team.

Everyone loved the personal shopping experience, which provided them with something they wanted and could use instead of getting items they already had and, therefore, were stuck with. The amount allocated to the tee gift allowed the player to get two or three things, and the selections were so good that we had 15 percent of the field upgrade their tee gift purchase with an additional wedge or a pair of shoes or jacket. This amounted to more than $1,300 in additional revenue. And the reps took back the extra merchandise, so we didn’t have extras. That’s what made this tee gift work so well for us.