Steven T. Aloi: Invite House and Pool Members to Try Out the Golf Course at Your Club

Steven T. Aloi is the PGA Head Professional at Bellevue Country Club, in Syracuse, New York.

I’ve been at Bellevue Country Club, a small private club with a Donald Ross designed golf course, for 25 years. We have 280 resident members, and we always seek creative ways to generate new members. Recently, we allowed our house (social) and pool members opportunities to try the golf course. Theses members could bring a guest for a guest fee and while some knew how to play golf, they might have been on the fence due to the higher golf membership fee. During this process, we were careful not to restrict our resident members from their play, so it was at my discretion to set tee times for the pool and social members. As a result of this initiative, four members upgraded to resident membership. In their orientation package, I gave a $50 gift certificate and a free lesson that could be used by anyone in the family. This gives me a chance to spend time with the new resident members and make a positive impression.

Our outreach last fall generated over $20,000 in additional revenue for the club, including initiation and membership fees, food & beverage and golf shop sales of golf balls and apparel. We will try the program again and the goal is to convert more house or pool members to resident members before the golf season begins so they can enjoy playing golf the entire summer.