Tim Gavronski: Take a Bus Trip With Your Women’s 18-Hole Group

Tim Gavronski, the 1998 Connecticut PGA Section Golf Professional of the Year, 1995 Section Teacher of the Year and Horton Smith Award winner, 2009 Youth Player Development Award winner, a two-time Section Bill Strausbaugh Award winner, 2005 Section President’s Award winner, and a Section Hall of Fame member, is the PGA Head Professional at Shuttle Meadow Country Club in Kensington, Connecticut.

Traveling with members is important. It’s tough sometimes to get away, especially when you have a six-month busy season, like we do. What I have found successful, as an alternative to traveling to Ireland, for example, is to do a bus trip with my women’s 18-hole group to a nearby course, either public or private for golf or other activities. The farthest we have traveled is about 60 miles. We rent a bus and a driver. I play a few holes with each group at the club we are visiting, and we eat lunch there. On the bus ride home, we enjoy beverages and some joke telling. Usually the groups number around 20 to 30 women. I cap the groups at a certain number. The women have their own email blast roster; that’s how they communicate the bus trips to the group. I also post the news in our monthly club newsletter.

The charge is usually around $150 per person, including the bus trip, green fees and golf car. We don’t know the exact cost until everyone has signed up for any given trip. There is no direct revenue to the club from the trips, except for some shop revenue. Competitions result in the women’s winnings coming to Shuttle Meadow Country Club; players will spend about $20 in our shop. The greatest benefit from the trips is member enjoyment. In addition, local PGA Professionals bring their own groups to our club reciprocally, especially during the shoulder season. We charge each visiting player $75, including golf car. This is a reduced price from our standard $80 unaccompanied guest rate plus $22 golf car fee. So the visiting player fees result in added revenue to our club each year.