Tips for Selling: Apparel Accessories

“I would recommend grouping ‘like’ items together so customers can see the full assortment of what they are interested in purchasing. An example would be grouping all of your belts together so the customer doesn’t have to look through the entire shop to find what they are looking for.”
Mark Thush, PGA Director of Retail, Desert Mountain Golf Club, Scottsdale, Arizona


“Accessories must fit your apparel buy. Our selection has to be smart and go along with the theme of our in-stock products. From time to time, we will go out on a limb and try an accessory that may not be in line with that philosophy, but we always want to accent our in-store products and merchandise displays.”
John Fields, PGA Head Professional, Belmont (Massachusetts) Country Club


“Have items displayed in several areas of the golf shop. You never know when something might catch someone’s eye.”
Sara Muldoon, PGA Director of Golf, Hershey (Pennsylvania) Country Club



“Show the customer an entire outfit with accessories so they can picture themselves wearing everything.”
Bob Hennefer, PGA Director of Golf Recreation & Open Space, Indian Spring GC/Township of Evesham, Marlton, New Jersey