Tips for Selling: Fairways & Irons

“Play with your players, observe their games, and explain how they need to fill some gaps in their yardages. This can also be done during a lesson, a clubfitting session, or simply by watching them hit balls at the range and offering some suggestions. Most importantly, let them take the club onto the course to see for themselves.”
Dennis Johnsen, PGA General Manager and Head Professional, Pine Meadow Golf Club, Mundelein, Illinois

“The most important point for selling fairway woods and hybrids, in my opinion, is having the ability to fit someone. The proper shaft makes a tremendous difference. Plus, you also need to have a variety of options for people to choose from.”
Josh Richter, PGA Director of Golf, Boyne Highlands Resort, Harbor Springs, Michigan

“Fairway woods and hybrids can sometimes get lost in the shuffle of shiny new drivers and expensive putters. Next time you have a demo day, make sure to have a dedicated area for the 180-to-230-yard shot — complete with Flightscope or TrackMan to identify with your members and students the gaps they may have in their bag. You might just sell a few extra units.”
Ian R. Dalzell, PGA Head Professional, Huntingdon Valley (Pa.) Country Club

“The best way to sell more fairway woods and hybrids is to get them in the hands of golfers. That means having demo clubs readily available to use or have them available in the rental clubs you use for consumers to test out.  Demo clubs are great because you can use them through the season, to generate sales and then sell them at cost to get them out of your inventory.”
Scott Ashworth, PGA Director of Golf, Four Seasons Resorts Lana’i (Hawaii)