Tips for Selling: Footwear

“Social media has become a great selling tool for footwear, especially to highlight new companies and new shoe models coming into the shop for the first time.  Prior to my new inventory coming in, I will produce  a video, and send it out to the membership, as well as post it on our social media sites to highlight the new product arriving in the spring.  It usually goes out one to two weeks prior to product arriving, so the excitement can begin for the new season.  When inventory does come in, I start taking pictures of them displayed with outfits.”
Meghann Stem, PGA Head Professional,  Glenmoor Country Club,  Canton, Ohio

“The key to selling more footwear is having as many options available as possible. But since no one likes to carry a huge inventory of shoes, make catalogs available from various companies. That allows your members to choose the proper size, model and color, and most companies will ship an order immediately. We also keep the sizes of each club member on file, so when we have a member-guest or club championship, we often invite a prominent shoe manufacturer to bring a variety of popular styles for each player to select a pair of shoes in their size. This is extremely popular and results in increased footwear sales.”
Blake Watts, PGA Head Professional, Wildwood Country Club, Louisville, Kentucky

“Don’t forget to include several footwear companies and brands when you have a Demo Day at your facility. The company representatives can bring a variety of models and styles for your customers and clients to wear while they test equipment. Then, just as you take orders for clubs at Demo Day, take orders for shoes and offer a discount for people buying that day, or for people buying multiple pairs. Like golf clubs, when people have the opportunity to try shoes before they buy, they can compare different brands and styles.”
Ian Ziska, PGA Head Professional, Katke Golf Course, Big Rapids, Michigan