Tips for Selling: Golf Club Shafts

“With all of the drivers having interchangeable shafts, use your launch monitors to check your student’s efficiency. You may be able to improve his or her driver performance with a different shaft rather than replacing the entire club.”
Adam Rosuck, PGA Head Professional, Northmoor Country Club, Highland Park, Illinois


“Perform a thorough inspection of a new customer’s grips for wear and tear. This easily leads into a conversation about their shafts and how something different may perform better than what they currently have.”
Jim Phenicie, PGA Director of Instruction/ Clubfitting and Player Development, WindRose Golf Club, Spring, Texas

“Weaker players will benefit the most from getting fitted. With enough swings, better players can manipulate a shaft that’s terrible for them and make it work, while weaker players need all of the help. Thus, utilizing custom shafts with high-end materials built to the tightest tolerances ensures that your members will get the ultimate performance. You’ll be their hero.”
Kyle Morris, PGA Professional Clubfitter, Club Champion, Willowbrook, Illinois

“Selling more shafts won’t come by accident. Knowing your customers’ needs opens the door to fitting their current clubs to perform better. Selling new shafts is an economical way to upgrade their current model without the high cost of a new set. You get to show your expertise in shafts, and your customer gets great value in your service.”
Daren MacKinnon, PGA Assistant Professional and Director of Clubfitting, Pine Oaks Golf Club, South Easton, Massachusetts