Tips for Selling: Grips

“The key is showing off your inventory and selection, demonstrating to people the importance of newer, cleaner grips, and enticing them to get all of them changed at the same time. Also make sure that members and guests see what the tour professionals are using, both on TV and in golf shop displays.”
Eric Lohman, PGA General Manager, Monarch Beach Golf Links, Dana Point, California


“The greatest opportunity at most clubs to increase grip business is having an alert bag room staff. A few years back, we created a heavy stock, stop sign-shaped hang tag. Our attendant would hang it on clubs needing grips. The verbiage read: ‘“STOP, the Professional Staff recommends regripping your clubs to improve your game!’ When the stop sign shows up and a golfer’s playing partners see it, they won’t let that person live it down until they regrip.”
Dave Harner, PGA Director of Golf, French Lick (Indiana) Resort

“Carry the latest grips, have them on display and have enough of them to be able to provide same-day re-gripping services. Also, by engaging with our members on the range and on the course, we can look and feel their grips, and recommend that they take advantage of our services.”
Dustin Irwin, PGA Club Director, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, California


“Our PGA Professionals play with members and are trained to notice worn grips or old ones. That’s a great time to suggest new grips. Clubfitting is also a great time to talk about the latest and newest advancements in grips, and making sure golfers are using the right size.”
Don Hurter, PGA Head Professional, Castle Pines Golf Club, Castle Rock, Colorado