Tips for Selling: Headwear

“One key with selling headwear is to look at it as more than just one sale. Ask yourself, ‘Is there an opportunity to add a hat clip to the purchase, or sell multiple hats?’ Hat margins are usually great and they can provide a lot of promotion flexibility, which can increase sales and create a better guest buying experience.”
Miles Blundell, PGA Director of Golf Operations, Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, New York


“The pride in what state you live in has grown over the last several years. The use of an element of the state flag or the outline of your state incorporated into the hat design has been a big success.”
Mark Lammi, PGA General Manager, Westhaven Golf Club, Franklin, Tennessee


“The best way to sell headwear is make sure everyone on staff wears the product. It’s free advertising when staff members are walking mannequins.”
Jason Marciniec, PGA Head Professional, St. Clair Country Club, Upper St. Clair, Pennsylvania


“Most people enjoy warmth and/or protection from the sun, so display a hat with an outfit to match the season. The majority of hats/visors should be kept in a central area so customers may easily access them.”
John Wallrich, PGA Head Professional, Pine Hills Country Club, Sheboygan, Wisconsin