Tips for Selling: Outerwear

“Members always comment that they don’t plan on playing in the rain, so with selling outerwear, I always promote using items like rain pants as layering pieces for warmth.  With the Memphis climate, you get nice, chilly days where rain pants are a must when playing, especially when riding in a cart and sitting on those cold seats. Also they come in handy when watching outdoor sports, like going to your kids’ soccer games.”
Keith Penke, PGA Director of Golf, Germantown (Tennessee) Country Club


“Know your product — which piece is suited for chill, wind, light rain and heavy rain. Have a variety of price points and vendors available, when possible. And the more flexible a fabric, the easier it is to sell. Golfers love to have stretch in a garment.”
Russ Miller, PGA Director of Golf, The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, Colorado


“Start a demo program with outerwear pieces. Let customers wear the product on the course on a bad day. If the performance is as good as the manufacturer says it is, they will buy it.”
Tommy Darland, PGA Head Professional, Andrews County Golf Course, Andrews, Texas


“Have outerwear displayed in impulse areas, especially at times when the weather is questionable  Also, even on good weather days, consider having a promotion: Buy a rain jacket at 15 percent off, get four free range buckets, etc.”
Tim Reinke, PGA Head Professional, Pinecrest Golf Course, Idaho Falls, Idaho