Tips for Selling: Push / Pull Carts

“At our public course, we provide a new fleet of push carts every two years as rentals. We have found when golfers have a chance to walk the course with a good push cart, they will often then purchase that cart, especially those who play several different public courses. We have new models of our rental carts for sale, and then we sell our rental carts at the end of the season at a slightly discounted price, which provides revenue to buy new push carts.”
Vernon Bane, PGA Head Professional, Sonoma Ranch Golf Course, Las Cruces, New Mexico


“With people becoming more health and fitness conscious, we have seen an uptick in golfers who want to walk the course. Thus, we have begun offering push carts for rent and sale. We provide catalogs and try to educate our customers on the benefits of walking. That has resulted in a large increase in push-cart sales. When golfers see other golfers walking with push carts, it catches on and everybody wants one.”
Jim Henderson, PGA Director of Golf, Stevens Park Golf Course, Dallas, Texas


“Golfers who like to walk the course don’t have a lot of opportunities to test walk a push cart, so we like to include push-pull carts in our demo days. Letting people see how easy it is to use a push cart and how easy they collapse for storage always is a great sales tool. Most push-cart companies don’t have sales reps in every region, but we have had good luck in asking that several companies send push carts on a trial basis, or at a personal use discounted rate, so we can try their products. Then we order additional carts based on demand. That usually results in several sales throughout the year.”
Dennis Biedenstein, PGA Director of Golf, Tapawingo Golf Course, Sunset Hills, Missouri