Tips for Selling: Travel Golf Bags

“We have many club members who travel, so we always include golf travel bags at our Demo Days and have travel bags available for purchase during our off-season for those traveling to warmer destinations. We invite two or three independent reps to help with the Demo Day sales, and we maintain a small inventory of travel bags in the golf shop for people to buy as gifts. We offer free embroidery, too, to personalize the travel bags.”
Rodney Wray, PGA Head Professional, Wolf Creek Golf Links, Overland Park, Kansas


“We organize golf trips for our members, travel with them, and always have a good selection of travel bags available. One of the best ways to sell more travel bags is to let your members see what gear you use and share with them your own travel experiences. When I arrive at an airport with my Club Glove three-bag train system, I can handle a lot of luggage and still have a free hand. I get a lot of questions about my luggage, and I’m happy to share my experiences.”
John Fields, PGA Director of Golf, Belmont Country Club, Belmont, Massachusetts


“To encourage the purchase of travel bags, we offer free embroidery for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and throughout the month of December. We don’t want our members to have a normal black travel bag on the luggage carousel. We offer distinctive colors in travel bags and invite our members to put their initials on the bag so they stand out.”
Jay Dufty, PGA Director of Golf, Washington Golf & Country Club, Arlington, Virginia