Tips for Selling: Women’s Clubs

“We offer special Demo Days tailored for women to come out and try products. When you have special events geared toward certain segments of your market, those individuals are more likely to purchases products because they recognize you are fitting their needs specifically. We are fortunate to carry several demo products; but even if we didn’t, I would try to partner with a brand to come out and target the ladies specifically.”
Jake McCullough, PGA Head Professional, Odessa Country Club, Odessa, Texas

“Provide a variety of women’s options in your clubfitting, demo and rental matrix so they can be tested outside an official Demo Day environment. Also be sure you and your staff are educated on the benefits of newer clubs, so they can engage with your female golfers and communicate to them how these new clubs will increase their performance and enjoyment of the game.”
Jamie Hamilton, PGA Associate Director of Golf, The Greenbrier & The Greenbrier Sporting Club, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

“The best way to sell more women’s clubs is to have a good inventory of women’s clubs in your shop, right beside the men’s clubs. Also, conduct a women’s-only Demo Day early in the season and invite all your supporting vendors. Offer a discount on purchases the day of the Demo Day and advertise women’s clubs along with men’s equipment I your club newsletter or online site. Take the time to review current club selections and encourage upgrades when warranted.”
John Fields, PGA Director of Golf, Belmont (Massachusetts) Country Club