Tom O’Brien: Take Advantage of Scholarships for Women’s College Golf Programs

Tom O’Brien is a PGA Teaching Professional at Memorial Park Golf Course in Houston, Texas.

More women’s college golf programs are popping up all around the country and a college scholarship in golf can be a very real possibility for some women golfers. This can be a game-changer for families, especially with the issue of high tuition costs preventing so many from attending college. Enter a PGA Professional who can make the dream of a low-cost college education a reality. If you are looking to increase your teaching revenue, parents and their women youth golfers understand what the reality of a free or subsidized college education can mean, which in turn can increase business for you and your facility.

My number of youth lessons has doubled over the last five years by simply explaining to their parents the reality of receiving a college scholarship and that golf is very inexpensive when compared to the costs of higher education. Food & beverage as well as equipment sales have also seen subtle increases when I apply this approach (again, clubs and golf balls are much cheaper than four years of full college tuition costs). There have even been a handful of families that have joined the club I am teaching at so their daughter has a place to practice regularly, which private clubs I have worked at love because it helps with member retention. So reach out to parents about the benefits of their daughter taking up golf. It can literally be a life-changing conversation.