Wide Variety of Accessories Attract Attention

The accessories category has exploded at the PGA Merchandise Show in recent years, representing a way for golf shops to expand their offering, excite customers and add to the bottom line – often without a considerable space commitment or financial risk.

Show attendees can find a variety of accessories along the aisles of the Show floor, everything from tote bags and luggage, to fun printed socks, glassware, eyewear, cigar holders, wine and beer-related products, insulated drinkware, money clips, blankets and more.

“To me, accessories are huge, and I’ll be out on the floor looking for new and exciting products,” said Adam Carney, PGA Director of Golf at Jonesboro (Arkansas) Country Club, who found AfterShokz headphones (booth 1755) at last year’s show and sold 40 pairs at $150 each in his shop during the 2018 season. “I’m always looking for headcovers and interesting glassware, but I’m really open to anything when it comes to accessories.”

One exhibitor, Corkcicle (booth 4049), has quickly expanded its presence in golf shops and as a tournament supplier with its variety of insulated drinkware products and bags such as backpacks, totes and duffels. “This is our second year here, and we’ve already noticed more and more people stopping by the booth,” said Neal Klein, Corkcicle’s Director of Sales, Special Markets. “It’s unique, fun and can be logoed, so what it does on the retail side is create a commemorative cup or upscale souvenir people can take back from a course they visited.”

Another exhibitor, Bird Dog Bay (booth 4050), makes ties, belts, socks, tote bags and newly introduced dog collars – all with a canine theme. According to Eric Stefenson, Director of Business Development, accessories represent a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to increasing golf shop sales. “They make good gifts, people don’t have to spend a lot of money on them, and one size fits all, which makes it a lot easier for the golf shop,” he said.

The PGA Merchandise Show also attracts accessories companies outside the golf realm, including Charleston Shoe Company (booth 4052), which was at the PGA Show for the second straight year selling its line of sandals and wedges made out of all washable materials. “We sell to a lot of resorts, so it’s a good crossover opportunity,” said Peri Hipps Sheppard, the company’s Sales and Operations Manager. “Women don’t wear golf shoes all day, and it’s nice to be able to come into the shop and buy a lifestyle item.”