Cool things seen on the PGA Show floor

The 2024 PGA Show is filled to the brim with new products and the game’s top emerging and established brands. We’ve been talking with attendees about some of the cool things they’re seeing around the PGA Show Floor, and here’s a quick list that you can check out before the doors close later today.

Oars & Alps (booth 4251)

To celebrate the men’s grooming product company’s new line of clubhouse soaps and shampoos, the brand put a (non-working) shower in its booth this year.

Pukka (booth 4573)

You can watch the headwear company’s designers work in real time on custom designs for customers, showing the number of options available for attendees.

Goodr (booth 4791)

This eyewear company called attention to its new line of golf sunglasses with a hot dog bar during the PGA Show on Thursday.

Zigit (booth 2583)

Attendees have been able to experience the company’s customizable vending machines, which can be used by golf facilities to distribute any type of beverage.

TRUE Linkswear (booth 4073)

This footwear and apparel brand is making a push into customization, and it is showing the intricate machines that are used to add personalized logos to its shoes and other items.

Hot Girls Pearls (booth 4351)

These chic bracelets and necklaces are both attractive and functional – you can freeze them, then enjoy a cooling sensation while you wear them.

Revo (booth 4762)

To show how its polarized lenses work, the company has a screen that is only visible when you’re wearing a pair of Revo sunglasses – it’s a great demo to try out.

Wooden Element (booth 5377)

This family-run business has a number of products made from natural wood, which is both distinctive and hypoallergenic, such as watch bands, wallets, sunglasses and other accessories.