Show Floor Quick Hits

  • “This PGA Show feels so big and so small at the same time. It feels big because there are so many companies here and so many products to see, but it feels small because you still see so many people you know in the golf business. It’s been a great chance to catch up with other golf profesionals I haven’t seen in a few years, and come away with some great new products for our golf shop, too.” —Marie Gateley, PGA, Assistant Golf Professional, Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Country Club
  • “I’ve never seen so many people on the PGA Show floor. We’re looking to bring a simulator into the clubhouse, and it’s really helpful to see the number of options in simulators and launch monitors that you can try while you’re here. It’s an amenity we’re going to add for our members, and this is a great way to figure out which one works for us.” — Bob Byrnes, PGA, Head Professional, Hope Valley Country Club, Durham, North Carolina

  • “There are some great new technology options out there for teachers that I’m seeing, like the Capto putting sensor. I’m also seeing a lot of new apparel and accessory brands that are geared toward newer players who want a younger, more contemporary look.” —Nick St. Onge, PGA, Country Club of Lincoln (Nebraska)
  • “I think golf continues to grow, and I love this Show because you get to see a bit of everything buyers might want to see to put in their shops.” —Tim Fleming, PGA, Director of Golf at Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) Golf & Country Club
  • “Most people here are looking for new stuff – anything that grabs their eye they can sell to their customers. We’re a second club for a lot of members, so we’re looking for unique lines they don’t see at their other club.” —Brent Thaxton, PGA, Head Professional, Karsten Creek Golf Club, Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • “This isn’t my first Show personally, but it’s the launch of Shade Headwear to the golf market. Buyers are looking for fresh new ideas in the custom headwear space and the complete private label opportunities that we offer were very well received. Day 1 exceeded our expectations.”James Thompson, Co-Owner/CMO, Shade Headwear